Networking Services

Networking Services

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Networking Services

We offer wide range of networking service from installation to reporting

Network Design and Planning

Design disciplines, Network Design follows an analysis stage, where requirements are generated, and precedes implementation, where the system (or relevant system component) is constructed.
The Perfect Network Design will increase the scalability of a network that can support growth without the need of redesigning it.
Improve Network performance such as: global load balancing, minimize latency, packet loss monitoring and bandwidth management.
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Network Deployment

Establishment of a group of spots (computers, telephones, or other devices) that are connected by communications facilities for exchanging information. The mode of connection can be permanent, via cable/radio, or temporary, through telephone, or other means of communications.
The final stage of every project. When all the hard work you’ve put in over the course of time goes live to be used by the target.

Network Security

Protect the usability and integrity of your network and data. It includes both hardware and software technologies. Effective Network Security manages access to the network. It targets a variety of threats and stops them from entering or spreading on your network.
Active devices block unwanted traffic. Examples of such devices are firewalls, anti virus scanning devices, and content filtering devices. Preventative devices scan networks and identify potential security problems
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Network Analysis and Reporting

Analysis enables project managers to take various factors into account when creating a project plan: Dependencies between activities. Buffer times between activities.

Remote Network Monitoring

Remote Monitoring (RMON) is a standard specification that facilitates the monitoring of network operational activities through the use of remote devices known as monitors or probes. RMON assists Network Administrators (NA) with efficient network infrastructure control and management.
Remote Monitoring and Control (M&C) Systems are designed to control large or complex facilities such as factories, power plants, network operations centers
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Wireless Networking Solutions

Wireless Networks are made using Access Points – devices that host and control the Wireless connection for laptops, tablets, or smart phones. If you use Wi-Fi in your home or office, it is most likely through an Access Point. When a router is set up as an AP, it is said to be in “Master” or “Infrastructure” mode having no wires”. In Networking terminology, wireless is the term used to describe any computer Network where there is no physical wired connection between sender and receiver, but rather the Network is connected by radio waves and/or microwaves to maintain communications