Retail & Consumer Products

Retail and
Consumer Products

Retail and Consumer Products

F2C – IoT Unlocks the
growth of Farmers
as Retailers

Business Models
Our premeditated discussion with customer engagement identified five key insights for integrating IoT technologies to renovate business models for farmers. We formulated a planned business plan that recognized pioneering ways to integrate IoT technologies into service solutions for a leading client who engaged in delivering farmers’ products to the door at the optimized cost with a win-win policy to all the people involved in it. We recognized specific IoT openings, geared up an executable blueprint and developed a business case to guide the funding of our client’s future technology initiatives.
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Retails Industry
A retail industry client who engaged in delivering farmers’ products to the door recently engaged KoSoft for a complete strategic consulting project to spot near- and mid-term opportunities to drive increased revenue by integrating IoT technologies into his products. Our in-depth evaluation included the recognition of digital synergies across the farmers’ product and commitment with prospective consumers of its products to get a stand ahead feel for high value use cases. This drives us in the creation of a vigorous business case and planned vision to guide our client’s IoT investments over the coming years.
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The number of users

Farmers (F)
Service Providers (Admin) - (SP)
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Logistics People (LP)
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Consumer (C)
This application has well defined modules (triggers) and one or more trigger that can be related as parent-children relationship. It includes the following capabilities which are IoT integrated such as,
Warehouse Management
Supply Chain Integration
Fleet Management
Consignment Tracking
Billing & Financial Accounts
Purchase Order Management
Alerts & Notification
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