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Life Science

Life Science

Digitally Driven Solution for Patient Care

Most of the Multispecialty Hospitals, The Pharmaceutical companies, and The Medical Equipment manufacturers need a system that can manage their business processing which can address the adverse effects.

The system should meet the terms and regulations of the corresponding authorities Act (IMA / FDA) for corrective and preventive actions to control the product quality. We at Kosoft are able to assist the organizations which sought after the novel quality initiative by their management. We propose a sturdy, centralized analytical framework which could decrease production downtime. Our System is enabled to validate the data, monitors data authentication, creates audit trails, addresses adverse events rapidly, tracks key performance indicators and able to manage user access privileges. Our system is able to provide access to data and reports as per the user’s requirement which is configurable in nature. Also provides information pictorially which is more illustrative and ease to understand.
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Digital Transformation

We focus on building a distinct data management system with a parallel centralized governance program to provide a single source for verifiable data. Our solution allows the organizations to authenticate data, administer data rights and build an audit trail, and manage user access privileges to reduce data handling infringements and information security risk.
Our system runs on a centralized single decision support system embedded with analytics feature which meets the health care organizations’ requirements makes the paper-free environment that could response in much more faster way with more accurate data for making decision and optimum cost.

Digital Framework

Our System is able to deliver information in pictorial graphical way so that the users need not frustrate with data which can’t be understand by the end users. We provide the provision to drill down into the data for making further analysis.
A digital framework which is developed with a different though process can impact the functionalities in a positive way and create a opaque, realizable and boosted impact on the efficiency for the health care organizations and above all for the patients. Asset management software tool designed to support operations for centralized labs and shared resource facilities. Its functionality embraces calendars for holding specific resources, access control for perceptive or validated equipment, time-tracking and cost-tracking against projects, and managing readily available inventory in the labs.
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Some of the salient features of our system are,
Sleek information flow
Diminished compliance and occurrence of risk events
Quick response time
Enhanced Operational Efficacy