About Kosoft

About Kosoft

Kosoft is dedicated in delivering the best
offshore outsourcing software.

Kosoft’s Your Innovation Partner

We are experienced Professionals that manage large turnkey projects in nearshore and offshore models.Our goal is to work with our clients in reducing their TCO year after year based on a methodology that relies on knowledge management and framework-based development. This is a Value Through Vision.
  • 2015
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    The Foundation of Kosoft
    We have been building our business with a strong commitment to delivering IT Solutions on time. We Started working towards the development of innovative and creative products, web services and concepts providing total information. Kosoft IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, works using an energetic team of young, innovative, qualified professionals under the supervision and guidance of an experienced management team.
  • 2017
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    Kosoft’s Golden Age
    Kosoft IT Solutions had been operating for 2 years when it reached the golden age in the company’s history with strengthens its focus in software development, Web & Mobile design. Kosoft IT Solutions Pvt Ltd commitment to deliver products and services to improve the effectiveness of its customers business is what makes it different from others.
  • 2019
    Kosoft’s Turning Point
    We are working together towards the success of our mission to provide quality and cost-effective solutions to businesses in all over the world. We specialize in high-end technology in computer services and application for industrial users. The bulk of our business is aimed at customized software, which is largely developed by the expert team.
  • 2020
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    Flagship Product - KoLims
    During the pandemic period, our team strived hard to release our flagship product KoLims with the sole aim of helping our community to overcome the tough time. KoLims made life easy for both testing labs and people to track their samples and get the results in time.
  • 2022
    A year to Reminisce
    We had multiple e-commerce launches and added another feather to our product line - EEG Data Hub, an EEG data analysis portal for physicians. It also got a global award for its unique design & utility.
  • 2023
    Product Launch
    Dynamic product launches
    Unveiled our groundbreaking products MyDodos – HRMS and KoHamsa - Education ERP. Designed to redefine convenience and elevate efficiency, they boast streamlined interfaces and enhanced functionality, promising to revolutionize user experience. Institutions and organizations are already exploring our dynamic features. Join the revolution today!
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Entering our dynamic 9th year Journey!

At kosoft, we care more in doing the right things. We establish values for our stakeholders.We protect our people, business and information. Kosoft is always a good corporate citizen. Some of the core values we have,
We bring value to the Clients
We give respect to every individual
We hearten “can-do” attitude people
We integrate our words with actions
We aid assistance to learners

Smart Garbage Monitoring System

We developed a smart alert system for garbage clearance by giving an alert signal to the municipal web server for instant cleaning of dust bin with proper verification based on level of garbage filling.


The purpose of KoLIMS starts from simple sample tracking to an enterprise resource planning tool that manages multiple aspects of laboratory informatics.


Sweatrater is another one added feather to our crown in the sport Industry developed for calculating sweet. Ruby on Rails is the technology used to develop both Web and Mobile application.
We use a newly developed technology to connect sites that are based on different types of servers and networks, SiteConnect, which helps to reduce the misinterpretation of signals as well as the loss of data during transfering.
IT Security & Software
To keep your systems, your devices, and network stay secure, we have developed a new program that limits the access of suspicious objects or people and authenticate all logins to the system.
Weak Hosted Capability
Some hosts are unaware of the potential risks as well as security loopholes in their system. By detecting these errors and taking prompt actions on improving firewalls, we can upgrade the system security.
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