Artificial Intelligence takes Aerospace
beyond par to Excellence

Artificial Intelligence played a key role in the uplifting of aerospace industry and offer priceless information which is hurdled in the conventional methodology. It aids in optimizing the costs, minimizing the design cycle time, mock-up, prototyping, maintenance, manufacturing and modernizing products. With the proper application of Machine Learning expertise from the experts, AI can be adopted into a non-disruptive technology that will bang the competence, productivity in addition to the speed and innovation of the aerospace companies. We at Kosoft explored few areas where AI & ML is being used in this Industry.

Artificial Intelligence

We mention where AI is being used.

Predictive Maintenance

Maintenance of aircraft is a custom to be carried out for the safety measure. Predictive maintenance assists us for quick identification and reporting of significant failures in the real-time.

Flight Performance

AI helps in identifying the optimum flight path to analyze significant data fuel consumption, system status and prevailing weather conditions in the real time to optimize it.

Constructive Design

Using ML engineers and product designers can create innovative designs with composite smart materials which is lighter and strong in a much shorter time.

Chain Management

Supply chain with AI makes the aviation industry process streamlined. Conventional repairs and maintenance takes much more time in procuring the materials when maintenance is needed.

Training with VR & AR

Artificial intelligence can be utilized to improve pilot training facilities. The pilots can be given with a realistic simulation exposure with the help of AI-embedded simulators tied with VR systems.
The amalgamation of machine learning in the aerospace industry promises cost-optimization and safety. Some of the areas where machine learning is successfully applied in the aerospace industry today are,
Smart Repairs Management
Assembling Management
Knowledge-Based Engineering
Alternative- Fastener Selection
Predictive maintenance Management
Smart Design Management
Reverse Engineering
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