Data Management Services

Data Management

Database is a complete
set of AI-enabled solutions.

Data Management

Big Data Services

Big Data Infrastructure Services

Advisory and Consulting
Capacity Planning, Data Distribution Strategy, Migration planning, Enterprise Infrastructure Architecture for Big Data, Big Data Infrastructure & Support Landscape design, System Performance Engineering
Transformation Services
Create/Configure big data, Platforms (Hadoop, NOSQL), Perform Migration, Execute PoCs / PoTs with specify tools
Managed Services
System monitoring,Cluster monitoring, Data Appliance, Backup & Recovery, Tuning, Design/Architecture Audits, SLA Metrics and reports, Security auditing, health checks, Version Upgrades, Patch Management
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Big Data Platform Services

Data Ingestion/Collection, Integration
Process of obtaining, importing data into Big Data Storage using Big Data Tools such as Sqoop, Flume, Apache Kafka, Strom, Spark Streaming
Data Storage & Data Visualization
Distributed Storage where huge amount of data is stored. Distributed Storage – HDFS, S3 and NoSQL. Processed data is shown as reports in many visualization tools such as Tableau, Pentaho, QlikView, D3.js
Data Computing/Processing & Testing
Data stored in distributed storage is processed using set Big Data tools such as MapReduce, Apache Spark, Tez, MRUnit
Multi-Structured Data
Many types of File Formats are used based on the variety of data such as Unstructured, Semi-structured and Structured.

Big Data Sciences Services

Data sciences is a sophisticated discipline in itself that draws from various elements across statistical techniques, mathematical modeling and visualization.
Data Modeling
Descriptive Analysis, Inferential Modeling, Predictive Modeling, Graphical Models, Path analysis
Statistics & Machine Learning
Classical Statistics, Spatial, Statistics, Temporal Statistics, Simulation, Machine Learning, Optimization
Analyzing Text Data
Develop & Integrate search solutions, Text mining, NLP, Packaged, custom solutions, Pattern analysis