Cloud Services

Cloud Services

We are The Leading Partner of Cloud Service Provider.

Cloud Services

Easy Scalable access to
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Amazon Web and Microsoft Azure Service

AWS & Azure Supports

We support to Amazon LightSail, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Web Apps,Amazon RDS, Amazon Route 53, Amazon s3 and more.
We support top Microsoft stacks like compute Engine, Azure DevOps, Mobile device management using Intunes, Azure Networking, Azure Monitoring Azure AppService, Azure Security Centre, Active Directory, Azure Domain Service Managed DataBase.

Office 365

Our Office 365 Services

Our office 365 administration has most effective team to manage all of your administrative task,
We support
Setting up your office 365 environment
Managing administration roles
User Management
License management
Security Services
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Microsoft Azure Service



Offers a number of ways to host your application code. The term compute refers to the hosting model for the computing resources that your application runs on.
azure devops

Azure Devops

Plan smarter, collaborate better and ship faster with Azure DevOps Services, formerly known as Visual Studio Team Services. Get agile tools, CI/CD and more.


MDM is a SaaS application that provides device management capabilities in the cloud. It is a multi-tenant application. This application is registered with Azure AD
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Azure Security center

A unified infrastructure security management system that strengthens the security posture of your data centers, and provides advanced threat protection
active directory

Active Directory

Microsoft Windows Azure Active Directory (Windows Azure AD) is a cloud service that provides administrators with the ability to manage end user identities

Managed Database

SQL Database is a fully managed relational database with built-in intelligence supporting self-driving features such as performance tuning and threat alerts.
azure virtual network

Azure Virtual Networking

VNet is the fundamental building block for your private network in Azure. VNet enables many types of Azure resources, such as Azure Virtual Machines (VM)

Azure Monitoring

Azure Monitor maximizes the availability and performance of your applications and services by delivering a comprehensive solution for collecting, analyzing

App Service

Deploy your apps to App Service in your cloud of choice—Azure, Azure national clouds or even on-premises with Azure Stack. Securely run your apps