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Human Resource Management

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We at KoSoft bring you the MyDodos Human Resources Management Software (HRMS) to make it simpler and computerize these Human Resources (HR) related activities. From on-boarding and talent enhancement, to talent withholding and expansion, we can make use of this application more efficiently.

HRM Cycle

The Employee commitment lifecycle our solution helps you to meet your routine functions that fulfill with regulations and boost your growth. Hile a computerized and technically reverberation solution greatly aids you in this attempt, it brings with it confronts of maintenance costs and integration with other software and systems. Our MyDodos HRMS assists you to surmount these issues, wrapping the entire HRM cycle, to give you a competent and steadfast system.
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The Commencement with Recruitment our solution assists you through various stages of resource management in your organization. The solution also assists you to keep track of the professional development of employees through promotions, appraisals, transfers, etc. and tracks factors such as leave, loans, advances, claims and so on. Using our solution, you can enhance & manage and utilize your workforce, while dipping the administrative tasks and paper work needed for it.

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