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Technology in Education

The scope of this application is to handle Summer School Staffing process with a better system maintenance and support to end users. The end users are from various divisions like Special Education, Beyond the Bell, HR, and Personnel Commission, central of local district and school administrators and school staff. The Application is expected to respond in a timely and accurate manner. The application should possess the capability for assisting the Administrators (Special education admins, BTB admins, Principal, PC admins and HR admins ) to effectively the manage the process of filling the vacancy position from the waiting list or pool and non-selected list for classified, bulk reassignment or to generate roster for each application type by location or by status.

Kosoft Developed an Application

The following capabilities that
to the above requirements.

User Friendly

Our application is able to run on all the browsers in a user-friendly manner with bug-free and customized approach that the users can configure and manage based on their role.

Create and Update

Our application allows the LAUSD employees to apply to various summer jobs based on their existing class code and they can create, edit/update and submit their application online.

Enhanced Security

It sets the timeline for the each users’ application window to remain open on specific time period only. The security is enforced by using standard credentials mechanism.

Roster Method

Our application aids the Administrators and Principals in the Selection process by means of recruiting them form the Waiting List or Pool or by means of Roster method.

Seniority Based

Individual letters or Bulk letters can be sent through the application for the list of selected candidates. In the similar way refused candidates or candidates kept in waiting list based on the seniority are managed effectively.

Avoid Redundancy

Our application is able to segregate the list of selected candidates, list of non-selected candidates and selected candidates but refused the offerings. It aids in avoiding redundant work of manually maintaining these list.

Processing by Admin

Apart from the processing through online, we also reserve the provision to manually input the staff required for summer school based on predefined user permissions from Central Office admin.


Dashboard and Report are the salient features of this application which can be quickly grabbed by the Administrators to have nutshell view on the vacancy positions to take rapid decisions in filling up them without any delay.