Concept & Storyboard

Concept & Storyboard

Concept & Storyboard

A Storyboard is a Realistic


It consists of Cartoons or pictures displayed in sequence for the purpose of Concepts a moving Image, liveliness, gesture graphic.

Storyboards for movies are made in a several stage. They can be generated by assist sketch to a computer. The primary features of a storyboard is
Picture the narration and Focus on the storyline and the timing in several Key Images.
Define the technical parameters: description of the action, video, snappy, etc.
If painting by hand, the initial stage is to create or download a storyboard pattern. These looks much like a blank comic strip, with space for comments and dialogue. Then sketch a storyboard. Despite that, some medias trust highly on the storyboarding method. These can be created by professional by hand on paper or digitally by using 2D storyboarding programs.
Certain software applications even supply a consistence of storyboard-specific images making it possible to quickly create shots that express. These boards tend to contain more detailed information than thumbnail storyboards and convey more of the mood for the scene. Finally, if needed, 3D storyboards are created.


Every story has a concept that creates its rules and sets boundaries. It is the heart of a story where it builds a vicarious ride for the reader or viewer. Also, a framework that revolves around a place, time, theme, a situation, an imagination or a condition that unfolds the key idea of a story. There are high concepts that do not fit the norm, they exist at the high end of creativity and possibility. It brings about a fascinating, interesting, provocative, challenging engaging or even a terrifying storyline.

The need of Concepts

After taking concepts into a storyline or storyboard, we all flow with the same question, ‘Why do we need concepts in the first place?’ The answer to this is Concepts allow us to classify our world and to make sense of what we see, hear, feel or experience. For instance, the concept of a horse, is our mental representation of what horses are like: What they look like, what they do, how do they help us, what is their uniqueness and more. Concepts give us information about every little thing we come across. It helps us to understand the world better and gives a clear idea to our minds.