Drupal Support and Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

Our Drupal Services

KOSOFT offers a complete package of support and maintenance services for business enterprises looking for experts to handle their complex, integrated and ongoing needs of their Drupal website. We ensure that your website performs flawlessly and meets the desired business results by a regular check. With our dedicated Drupal developers we can assure you that the issues can be cleared as fast as possible in order to maintain your business growth. We believe that your business growth is what defines our growth.

Our Services

Support & Maintenance Services We Provide

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Website Review

Our team performs a regular check on your websites like bugs identification, performance issue. They also review the website based on the clients requirement and update the store whenever required.
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Constant Monitoring

Our team monitors the website on a scheduled basis to identify the issues before they clog the performance and your sales. Website scan, downtime and issues in hosting are resolved during the website monitoring schedules.
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Speed Optimization

Team also concentrates on the speed optimization service which reduces the loading time and improves the audience user experience as a result increases the business.
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Ongoing Maintenance

Maintenance of the websites is performed from the ground level to reduce the issues that occur in the site and gives a smooth run of the Drupal website.
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Timely upgrades

To avail the best features it is necessary to keep the website updated to the latest version. We could help with the upgrades as it is a complex process to execute.
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Emergency Support

Our team is there to provide support 24/7 in-case of any errors that is to be fixed immediately so that won’t be affecting your business at any cost.